IRS Audit

IRS Audit

There’s something about an IRS envelope in the mailbox that can really ruin your day.  Have you had that singular experience yet?  If not, sit tight…your number might come up next year.  If so, you know how desperate you can feel as you try to understand the complicated language and the often-threatening tone of an IRS letter announcing the government’s intention to initiate an official review – read, “Audit” – of your tax return.  If that day ever comes for you, remember that you don’t have to face this alone.

At Powell Tax Law, we have a strong team of experts with a variety of educational backgrounds who understand how the IRS works.  Our team can quickly explain the type of audit you’re facing, and recommend a proven course of action that will get you through what is normally a stressful and intimidating time for taxpayers.

Most audits (75+%) are simple correspondence audits that request documentation to resolve outstanding questions the IRS has about your tax return.  Office Examination Audits and Field Audits are both more involved, and can take more time to resolve.  No matter what type of audit you face, the decision to engage the services of a tax professional is the smartest decision you can make.  Would you go grizzly bear hunting without a professional guide?  Would you let your cousin’s buddy Dusty tune up your Lamborghini?  There are some things in life that just don’t work well with a DIY approach, and an IRS audit is one of them.

It is easy to imagine you have no options during a tax audit because the tax laws are so complicated to begin with.  Most folks assume they must have made a mistake if the government says so.  In fact, the IRS often makes mistakes, and a trained tax professional is your best hope for uncovering those errors, whether they are simple math errors or mistakes in the application of particular rules and procedures.

Even if you face a simple correspondence audit from the IRS and you’re sure you’ve got all the supporting documentation in order, it is a very good idea to meet with our team at Powell Tax Law to discuss your case before you send everything in for review.  Experience has taught us that a thorough response is the best response to an audit.  You really should let us review your case so that your simple audit doesn’t turn into something much more complicated.

And if your audit is more involved, if it covers more than one tax year or includes a comprehensive review of you and your family’s lifestyle, you should call and schedule an appointment right away.  Having representation present during an office or field visit is vitally important, and for most people it would be foolish to go it alone.

Additionally, having an advocate in your corner during an audit reduces the chances you will be bullied or manipulated by the system in the form of overly aggressive IRS agents.  You do have rights, and we know them, and we can turn any abuse of those rights to your advantage.  A skilled tax attorney can turn the conversation in your favor through a variety of methods.  Negotiating a positive outcome that lets you get back to your normal life after an IRS audit is exactly what the professionals at Powell Tax Law do best.

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