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If you’re facing unpaid taxes, wage levies, tax levies, tax liens or audits, call the Powell Law Firm.

The IRS is one of the most powerful agencies in the Federal government.  It can and will aggressively target individuals who haven’t paid taxes or filed returns.  Hiding or not taking their calls won’t make them go away.  Whether you have not filed in years, owe the IRS a lot of money, are experiencing wage garnishments, an audit, or any other IRS action, Powell Law Firm is here to help you.

An IRS problem is a serious legal matter.  Still, it is something you can control and fix with the help of someone with knowledge of the law and of your rights.  If that person is not in your family and willing to help, then there is only one other proven way to stop the IRS from moving forward against you.  You need an experienced attorney who understands the law and your rights to work with you to take back control of your situation.

You will also find many advantages working with a local tax attorney who can meet with you personally and who will be there for you throughout the entire process.  If you are thinking of hiring a so-called “national” tax resolution company that claims your IRS problems can simply ”go away”, ask yourself these simple questions.  Will they be there when I really need them?  Can they represent me in court if I need it?  Will I be able to see my attorney in person?

It is amazing to consider how many of our clients have come to us after spending thousands of dollars with a big tax resolution company they heard about on the radio, frustrated at the lack of service and representation, yet still burdened with a serious tax problem.

Come meet with me in person and I’ll show you how to take control.  I’ve handled hundreds of cases here in Texas.  Your first visit is completely free and confidential, and you’ll meet with me in person.  When we contact the IRS on your behalf they’ll know that you have an experienced legal team who understands the law and your rights.

Take the first step toward taking back your life right now.  Call us today.

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